News ∣ Summer 2021

As the world is opening and closing time and time again, we have been busy catching up work after the last lockdown. These days all our agendas present quite a challenge to book in our customers, anticipating every opening after lockdown.

As most of you already know, Jeroen’s waiting list has been closed for quite a while. This is still the case. When the waiting list or any other form will be introduced, we will post it on our social platforms. However, if you have any questions about tattooing, you can always write him an email.

Kim-Anh’s waiting list was opened again on the 24th of june. Due to the amount of received requests, we unfortunately had to close it sooner than expected. We appreciate the enthusiasm and overwhelming response, but we sadly can not take more people. Please give her some time to read everyone’s emails and respond.


On a brighter note, we were able to rebook most of our guest artists visiting our atelier.

༄ Dmitrii Babakhin is back with us from the 9th until the 23rd of july. Then straight after Francesco Ferrara and Gianmarco Matterazzi from Rome will be with us from the 28th until the 31st of july.

༄ Omar Santos and Caterina Molin From Milan have confirmed to be working with us from the 5th until the 8th of october. Lets hope we stay lockdown free.

Please note, our guest artists take care of their own bookings. Please contact them directly by email. For more information please check out this link.

We are thrilled on the response from our last prints!

༄ The first print of the new series by Jeroen Franken named ‘Udo’ is now sold out and from the same series, the second print called ‘Bejalai’ was sold out within a week.

༄ As for Kim-Anh, you can now purchase her latest print called ‘Floral deathbed’ in two different sizes. As usual, they are printed on museum grade paper 220 gsm for the smaller print and 310 gsm for the larger print.

༄ New prints are coming this september from both Kim Anh and Jeroen. Dates will be announced through the usual channels, being IG, FB and our website. All prints will be available through Kintaro Publishing.

Furthermore we are happy to announce that the ‘Borneo’ book has been sold out since last june. 500 copies were sold and there really is no more stock. If you do want to obtain a copy, the online bookstores and such might carry an occasional copy, new or secondhand.

Sometimes Jeroen gets a request for the book named ‘Pantang Iban’ which he wrote in 1996 if he still has one for sale. This book has been sold out too since a long time ago. Same for this book, you may find an occasional copy online or elsewhere. You might even get lucky and get a great deal on it as some private parties do not realise the value of the book. We know someone who just picked up a second hand copy in mint condition for 10 euro. He did spent quite some time looking for it though.

We wanted to bring you some summer editions with new designs on lighter clothing but unfortunately time did not permit. However, in the fall we will restock our t-shirts and hoodies from the line we had this spring. So if you missed out before, in autumn you have your chance. Tattooing itself is still our main business and passion, all else we do lovingly on the side.

Happy Summer to you all!

Jeroen & Kim Anh

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