Bookings 2020 with Kim-Anh

After a few months debating about how to change my booking system, I decided to start a waiting list / mailing list and hopefully it will  be more convenient for futur clients.

If you would like to get tattooed in 2020, you can send me an email for more informations without having to wait as usual about my bookings being closed or open. Once you received the confirmation about being on the waiting list, you will be contacted later by my lovely assistant Saskia. 

Here’s two sleeves completed in 2018 on Shari and Mariska!

We finally had the time last month to get some better pictures taken with Rachel and it’s always nice to see everything healed and settle down after a while.

For Shari, she already had a few tattoos from other tattooers, so i tried my best to make it work. For Mariska it was a blank canvas from the start so it was a little bit easier to plan the layout.

Thank you both for your trust and your commitment, I enjoyed working and spending time with you!


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