8 years

Coming september will mark my 8 years in tattooing. Looking back at the last few years made me realize that Eindhoven is the city where i tattooed the longest period of my life. I have a hate/love relationship with this city where I never thought I would end up living. Amsterdam and London were definitely more appealing to me due to the diversity and culture I thought I desperately needed to feel alive. But Eindhoven is also the city where I finally found the time to think, heal and progress both mentally and physically. It’s also the place where I met my most loyal clients that became friends over the years.

I asked my friend Rachel to take a few shots of Lukas and Mathijs. Looking at those pictures makes me feel proud of what we built up together. I am really grateful to be able to work with the same people over the years. Thank you Lucas and Mathijs for your friendship, loyalty and your trust, it means the world to me.

Some tattoos you probably recognize on the pictures, are from the hands of my buddies Kirk Jones, Jan Netten and Bob Geerts.

Kim-Anh N.

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