Loco Mosquito x Jeroen Franken

You might already be familiar with the brand Loco Mosquito in Bangkok. They worked in the past with world reknowned artists such as Guy le Tattooer, Gakkin, Nissaco and Ichibay among others.

For this project, Jeroen created a Borneo inspired artwork that resembles a seamless traditional block print, a visually powerful image based on this mastery of tribal tattooing and his extensive body of work of large scale tribal tattoos.

Crafted from Japanese cotton and handpicked coconut buttons, the collection consists of a long sleeve open collar shirt and trousers with a built-in belt to ensure maximum comfort.

limited to 50 pieces
Mark your calendar !

Friday 14th of june

1 pm Los Angeles
4 pm New York
9 pm London
10 pm Amsterdam

Shipping Worldwide from Loco Mosquito

Direct link to purchase : https://www.loco-mosquito.com

Photography : @_lovegee_ / @siranrada by @smki.ngj @auloukchin

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