New prints release

Although most of us are not enjoying these lockdowns, we took this time to focus and immerse ourselves again on studying and painting. This is something we always enjoyed doing. However, it is hard to find time and energy when we have a full schedule with tattooing.

Our first prints were supposed to be released six weeks ago. Due to the Brexit, our paper was send back to the supplier first of all. Second time it was send, the paper was held indefinitely at customs. When it rains it pours, ha!

More paintings will be released in the coming months, we didn’t wanted to launch everything in one shot. And the paper supplier has been changed to a supplier in germany.

‘We were promised sufferings’ by Kim-Anh is available in two sizes. The small print is 30 by 40 cm and the bigger one is 45 by 60 cm. All prints are signed and numbered, limited to 30 copies for the smaller version and 10 copies for the bigger one.

‘Udo’ by Jeroen is signed and numbered, limited to 15 copies, its size is 56 by 76 cm

‘Double dragons’ is a re-edition, limited to 15 sets ( each set contains 3 prints )

You might be familiar already with the ‘Double dragon’ trilogy as those were painted back in Amsterdam in 2004 and available as screen prints in the past. Due to high demand, we decided to print them again. As usual, the paper is museum grade, 220 grammes and 310 grammes.

Little extra for the whole month of April : Every year Kim-Anh is taking off some older artworks to make space for new artwork. All these older prints are now available at a reduced price of 15% off ! On the 1st of may they will not be available anymore. We know you guys were really fond of the Battle Royal print. If you were still doubting to get one, now is your last chance!

Heads up : Jeroen’s ‘Borneo’ book is down to the last 9 copies! Grab it while you still can, there will be no reprint!

Link to purchase Kim-Anh’s new prints, click here.

Link to purchase Jeroen’s new prints and books, click here.

Thanks to everybody who have supported us. Especially during the lockdowns, it warmed our hearts.

Kim-Anh & Jeroen

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