Collaboration with Moira Ramone

Last year, a client that I had tattooed several years ago, contacted me about a full sleeve project. Madelon, from Rotterdam, told me she had also been tattooed by my dear friend Moira and spontaneously we thought to collaborate to match the tattoos she already had.

I wasn’t sure if the whole project would run smoothly knowing she would have to go back and forth between the two of us. We would also all have to communicate well to successfully accomplish this project. Luckily, Moira and I were on the same page and 99% of the time had the same vision. In the end the whole process was much easier than I thought.

A heartfelt thank you to Madelon for her commitment, her excitement about the project and for her positive energy and smile during each appointment. Two weeks ago, I planned a mini weekend trip to Rotterdam to visit Moira and we asked Rachel to take some shots for us! Thank you to the very kind and talented Rachel for the beautiful pictures!


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