A look inside

From Amsterdam to Eindhoven, onto Tilburg and back to Eindhoven again. Seven Seas has seen its share of transformations, and has flown under several flags.  Born and reborn into now Seven Seas Atelier. Its core and soul has been carried over the past years by the driving force of Jeroen Franken. I joined the team 5 years ago and became co-owner not much later.

We were searching for a new location, a new project, but mainly to find something that would fit better with our new path. A private shop was without a doubt what we wanted to keep but going away from the buzzing city was attracting us more and more over the time. Both naturally drawn to hide from to much social interraction, we decided to move the shop to a less visible space, on the edge of the city. This may seem a bit odd and unusual, but we finally found the place where we can be at ease and focus more on our work and health.

Seven Seas is officially turning 16 years this fall but its new core is celebrating 2 years this month! Welcome to our new little sanctuary, Seven Seas Atelier 2.0

Kim-Anh N.

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