Kim-Anh Nguyen

Kim-Anh Nguyen, 31 years old, was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland.

She got her first tattoo at the tender age of 15. After the instant click she knew that she wanted to become a tattooer. Starting to draw and paint more, Kim-Anh found her way into the tattoo world by selling paintings and flash filled with traditional old school images.

After having saved up enough money to travel to tattooers she admired to get a tattoo from, she finally landed an apprenticeship in Geneva with a tattoo shop when she was 22 years old. Soon after she was invited to guest at Jolie Rouge in London, where she met Claudia de Sabe.

Claudia helped Kim-Anh more and more, teaching her the ropes of tattooing. In the summer of 2013, she moved to Amsterdam. During this time she continued to travel extensively between cities such as Melbourne, New York, Paris and London when she could and work as a guest all over the world, expanding her network and skills.

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To see more work of Kim-Anh Nguyen you can check out her Instagram account (@kimanh_n). Also keep an eye out on her account to see when she has a last minute cancellation or when she will start taking new bookings.

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